Lots of persons who start using their first web hosting account, or switch companies, typically have questions with regards to how specific tasks are completed or run into difficulties when setting up different things such as emails, website settings, etc. That’s why, many companies have compiled documentation with common questions and problems so as to help their clients get information quickly and seamlessly. Consequently, the customer care team members can spend more time on real problems that certain clients may be facing, because the solution for the smaller things will be available on the World Wide Web and clients can cope with them without having to contact the customer service staff. Having exhaustive documentation is essential, particularly for new clients with no practical experience at all, as the web hosting service involves a huge number of functions and lots of individuals can become baffled about what action to take. A good information repository can both help you complete the operations that you wish and learn how the hosting service functions in general.

Extensive Online Documentation in Shared Web Hosting

If you get a shared web hosting plan through our company, you’ll obtain access to our detailed online help documentation where you will find information about more or less everything connected to our hosting services. The topics range from how to create an email account on your feature phone, to how to do different things using an .htaccess config file. The articles themselves are written in an easy-to-understand manner and feature exhaustive guidelines on how to perform a specific task inside your Hepsia hosting Control Panel. You can also find info that’s not connected directly to Hepsia, for example one that concerns applications on your desktop computer. The complete list of articles will be located in the Help section of the Control Panel, but the ones that are applicable to a given Control Panel section can be accessed on the spot. Since we’ve encompassed as many topics as possible, you’ll be able to discover virtually everything about your hosting account.

Extensive Online Documentation in Semi-dedicated Hosting

Our semi-dedicated servers offer an extensive online article repository where you can find any info that you might require about our web hosting services or about the Hepsia hosting Control Panel that we use. We have created it on the basis of the feedback that we’ve assembled from our clients through the years and, as a result, our articles address specific issues that you may run into and include the best way to recover them, for example getting a 500 Internal Server Error message or being unable to send emails from your desktop computer even though you have the correct settings. The articles are available in each Control Panel section and you can examine them whenever you like. They can help you broaden your knowledge not only about our platform, but also about the hosting field in general, as they contain elaborate instructions and general info such as what cron jobs or file access permissions are.